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Number of outputs from calling the System object



num = getNumOutputs(obj) returns the number of outputs, num, from calling the object. This value changes when you alter properties that turn outputs on or off.

If the object is a sink object, num equals zero.


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Create a Counter object and set a property.

obj = Counter;
obj.UseIncrement = false
obj = 
  Counter with properties:

    UseIncrement: false
    UseWrapValue: true
      StartValue: 1
       Increment: 1
       WrapValue: 10

Get the number of inputs and outputs needed to call the object.

in = getNumInputs(obj)
in = 1
out = getNumOutputs(obj)
out = 1

Input Arguments

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System object to query for the number of outputs.

Output Arguments

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The number of outputs from calling the System object.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2010a