Delete files or objects


delete filename
delete filename1 ... filenameN



delete filename deletes filename from disk, without requesting verification. To change whether the specified file is permanently deleted or sent to the recycle bin, change the Deleting files preference. To do so, go to the Home tab and in the Environment section, click Preferences. Select MATLAB > General. Then, choose from one of the two options in the Deleting files section. By default, the Delete permanently option is selected.


On Mac platforms, the Deleting files preference is not applied to files deleted from network drives. All files are deleted permanently.

delete filename1 ... filenameN deletes the specified files from disk.


delete(obj) deletes the specified object. If obj is an array, then delete deletes all objects in the array. obj remains in the workspace, but is no longer valid.


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Delete all files in the current folder with a .mat extension.

delete *.mat

Delete a graphics object and a graphics object array.

Create a bar chart and plot five lines. Then delete the bar chart.

b = bar(1:5);
hold on
P = plot(magic(5));

The Bar object variable b remains in the workspace, but no longer refers to an object.

b = 
  handle to deleted Bar

Delete all the Line objects created by plot.


Input Arguments

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File name to delete, specified as a character vector or string scalar. filename can be an absolute or relative path and can include wildcards (*).

Data Types: char | string

Object to delete, specified as a single object or an array of objects.

Introduced before R2006a