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Test Your Build Environment

To test your installation and environment, build the arrayProduct.cpp MEX file that is included with MATLAB®. The source code for this MEX example is in subfolders of matlabroot/extern/examples/cpp_mex. Be sure that you have a MATLAB-supported compiler installed.

To build a code example, first copy the file to a writable folder on your path. You can use the arrayProduct.cpp example to test your build environment. This MATLAB command copies the arrayProduct.cpp file to your current folder.


To set up and build MEX files, use the mex command. First set up the environment for C++.

mex -setup C++

Select the installed compiler that you want to use when prompted by the mex setup script. Then call the mex command to build your program. Ensure that C++ MEX supports the compiler you select. For an up-to-date list of supported compilers, see Supported and Compatible Compilers.

mex arrayProduct.cpp

The mex command saves the callable file in the current folder.

Call the arrayProduct MEX function using the file name without the extension. Pass a scalar multiplier and an array of doubles as arguments. The MEX function multiplies each element in the input array by the multiplier and returns the result.

a = arrayProduct(2,[1 2;3 4])

a =

     2     4
     6     8

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