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Call MATLAB Functions from C Applications

The program engdemo.c in the matlabroot/extern/examples/eng_mat folder illustrates how to call the engine functions from a standalone C program. This example uses the C Matrix API.


For calling MATLAB® functions from C++ applications, use the MATLAB Data API for C++. For more information, see Call MATLAB Functions from C++.

For a Microsoft® Windows® version of this program, open engwindemo.c in the matlabroot\extern\examples\eng_mat folder. For a C++ version, open engdemo.cpp.

The first part of this program starts MATLAB and sends it data. MATLAB analyzes the data and plots the results.

Plot from engdemo engine application.

The program continues with:

Press Return to continue

Pressing Return continues the program:

Done for Part I.
Enter a MATLAB command to evaluate.  This command should
create a variable X.  This program will then determine
what kind of variable you created.
For example: X = 1:5

Entering X = 17.5 continues the program execution.

X = 17.5
X =
Retrieving X...
X is class double

Finally, the program frees memory, closes the MATLAB engine, and exits.

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