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Elementary Polygons

Basic polygon functions


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boundaryshapeCreate polyshape from 2-D triangulation
inpolygonPoints located inside or on edge of polygonal region
nsidedpolyRegular polygon
polyareaArea of polygon
polybufferCreate buffer around points, lines, or polyshape objects
rectintRectangle intersection area

Create and Modify Polyshape

polyshape2-D polygons
addboundaryAdd polyshape boundary
polybufferCreate buffer around points, lines, or polyshape objects
rmboundaryRemove polyshape boundary
rmholesRemove holes in polyshape
rmsliversRemove polyshape boundary outliers
rotateRotate polyshape
scaleScale polyshape
simplifySimplify polyshape boundaries
sortboundariesSort polyshape boundaries
sortregionsSort polyshape regions
translateTranslate polyshape

Query and Visualize

boundaryVertex coordinates of polyshape boundary
holesConvert polyshape hole boundaries to array of polyshape objects
isholeDetermine if polyshape boundary is a hole
isinteriorQuery points inside polyshape
issimplifiedDetermine if polyshape is well-defined
nearestvertexQuery nearest polyshape vertex
numboundariesNumber of polyshape boundaries
numsidesNumber of polyshape sides
overlapsDetermine whether polyshape objects overlap
plotPlot polyshape
regionsAccess polyshape regions

Geometric Quantities

areaArea of polyshape
boundingboxBounding box of polyshape
centroidCentroid of polyshape
convhullConvex hull of polyshape
turningdistCompute turning distance between polyshape objects
triangulationTriangulate polyshape
perimeterPerimeter of polyshape

Boolean Operations

intersectIntersection of polyshape objects
subtractDifference of two polyshape objects
unionUnion of polyshape objects
xorExclusive OR of two polyshape objects