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Get Started with Image Processing Toolbox

Perform image processing, visualization, and analysis

Image Processing Toolbox™ provides a comprehensive set of reference-standard algorithms and workflow apps for image processing, analysis, visualization, and algorithm development. You can perform image segmentation, image enhancement, noise reduction, geometric transformations, and image registration using deep learning and traditional image processing techniques. The toolbox supports processing of 2D, 3D, and arbitrarily large images.

Image Processing Toolbox apps let you automate common image processing workflows. You can interactively segment image data, compare image registration techniques, and batch-process large datasets. Visualization functions and apps let you explore images, 3D volumes, and videos; adjust contrast; create histograms; and manipulate regions of interest (ROIs).

You can accelerate your algorithms by running them on multicore processors and GPUs. Many toolbox functions support C/C++ code generation for desktop prototyping and embedded vision system deployment.


About Image Processing

  • Images in MATLAB

    Many images are represented by 2-D arrays, where each element stores information about a pixel in the image. Some image arrays have more dimensions to represent color information or an image sequence.

  • Image Types in the Toolbox

    Image types determine how MATLAB® interprets data matrix elements as pixel intensity values. The toolbox supports many image types including binary, grayscale, truecolor, multispectral, and label images.

  • Image Coordinate Systems

    Learn how image locations are expressed using discrete pixel indices and continuous spatial coordinates.

Interactive Learning

Instructions and code for filtering noise module of Image Processing Onramp

Image Processing Onramp
This free interactive tutorial provides a practical introduction to image processing in MATLAB in under two hours.


Segmented image in the Image Segmenter app

Getting Started with Image Processing
Walk though a typical Image Processing Toolbox workflow including image segmentation, region analysis, and batch processing using the Image Segmenter, Color Thresholder, and Image Batch Processor apps.