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Get coordinates of CCDF curves

Since R2022a



    [relpower,prob] = ccdf(meter) returns the coordinates of the CCDF curves.


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    Compute the average power measurement of the generated voltage signal.

    x = complex(rand(15000,1)-0.2,rand(15000,1)-0.2);
    pm = powermeter(ComputeCCDF=true);
    averagePower = pm(x);                            % power in dB

    Plot the computed coordinates of the CCDF curve.

    [relpower,prob] = ccdf(pm);
    xlabel('Relative Power (dB)');
    ylabel('Probability (%)');
    ylim([0 125]);
    grid on;
    title('CCDF Measurement');

    Input Arguments

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    Power meter, specified as a powermeter System object™.

    Output Arguments

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    Relative power in dB, returned as an N-by-M matrix. M equals the number of columns in the signals provided and N equals ceil(PowerRange/PowerResolution) + 1.

    Data Types: double

    Probability in percentage, returned as a matrix. The probability that the instantaneous signal power of the jth channel is above its average signal power by relpower(i,j), in dB, is prob(i)/100.

    Data Types: double

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a

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