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Computer Vision

Extend deep learning workflows with computer vision applications

Apply deep learning to computer vision applications by using Deep Learning Toolbox™ together with the Computer Vision Toolbox™.


Image LabelerLabel images for computer vision applications
Video LabelerLabel video for computer vision applications


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boxLabelDatastoreDatastore for bounding box label data (Seit R2019b)
pixelLabelDatastoreDatastore for pixel label data
visionTransformerPretrained vision transformer (ViT) neural network (Seit R2023b)
patchEmbeddingLayerPatch embedding layer (Seit R2023b)
unetCreate U-Net convolutional neural network for semantic segmentation (Seit R2024a)
unet3dCreate 3-D U-Net convolutional neural network for semantic segmentation of volumetric images (Seit R2024a)
deeplabv3plusCreate DeepLab v3+ convolutional neural network for semantic image segmentation (Seit R2024a)
rcnnObjectDetectorDetect objects using R-CNN deep learning detector
fastRCNNObjectDetectorDetect objects using Fast R-CNN deep learning detector
fasterRCNNObjectDetectorDetect objects using Faster R-CNN deep learning detector
ssdObjectDetectorDetect objects using SSD deep learning detector (Seit R2020a)
yolov2ObjectDetectorDetect objects using YOLO v2 object detector
yolov3ObjectDetectorDetect objects using YOLO v3 object detector (Seit R2021a)
yolov4ObjectDetectorDetect objects using YOLO v4 object detector (Seit R2022a)
solov2Segment objects using SOLOv2 instance segmentation network (Seit R2023b)
maskrcnnDetect objects using Mask R-CNN instance segmentation (Seit R2021b)
posemaskrcnnPredict object pose using Pose Mask R-CNN pose estimation (Seit R2024a)
fcddAnomalyDetectorDetect anomalies using fully convolutional data description (FCDD) network for anomaly detection (Seit R2022b)
fastFlowAnomalyDetectorDetect anomalies using FastFlow network (Seit R2023a)
patchCoreAnomalyDetectorDetect anomalies using PatchCore network (Seit R2023a)
yoloxObjectDetectorDetect objects using YOLOX object detector (Seit R2023b)
detectTextCRAFTDetect texts in images by using CRAFT deep learning model (Seit R2022a)


Image Classification

Object Detection and Instance Segmentation

Automated Visual Inspection

Semantic Segmentation

Video Classification