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Setup for Tuning Control System Modeled in MATLAB

To model your control architecture in MATLAB® for tuning in Control System Tuner, construct a tunable model of the control system that identifies and parameterizes its tunable elements. You do so by combining numeric LTI models of the fixed elements with parametric models of the tunable elements. The result is a tunable generalized state-space genss model.

Building a tunable genss model for Control System Tuner is the same as building such a model for tuning at the command line. For information about building such models, Setup for Tuning MATLAB Models.

When you have a tunable genss model of your control system, use the controlSystemTuner command to open Control System Tuner. For example, if T0 is the genss model, the following command opens Control System Tuner for tuning T0:


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