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Provide information for compiling and linking generated code


An RTW.BuildInfo object contains information for compiling and linking generated code.




buildInformation = RTW.BuildInfo returns a build information object. You can use the object to specify information for compiling and linking generated code. For example:

  • Compiler options

  • Preprocessor identifier definitions

  • Linker options

  • Source files and paths

  • Include files and paths

  • Precompiled external libraries


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Name of generated code component.

Object Functions

addCompileFlagsAdd compiler options to build information
addDefinesAdd preprocessor macro definitions to build information
addIncludeFilesAdd include files to build information
addIncludePathsAdd include paths to build information
addLinkFlagsAdd link options to build information
addLinkObjectsAdd link objects to build information
addNonBuildFilesAdd nonbuild-related files to build information
addPreincludeFilesAdd preinclude files to build information
addSourceFilesAdd source files to build information
addSourcePathsAdd source paths to build information
addTMFTokensAdd template makefile (TMF) tokens to build information
addUndefinesAdd undefine preprocessor directives to build information
findBuildArgFind a specific build argument in build information
findIncludeFilesFind and add include (header) files to build information
getBuildArgsGet build arguments from build information
getCompileFlagsGet compiler options from build information
getDefinesGet preprocessor macro definitions from build information
getFullFileListGet list of files from build information
getIncludeFilesGet include files from build information
getIncludePathsGet include paths from build information
getLinkFlagsGet link options from build information
getNonBuildFilesGet nonbuild-related files from build information
getPreincludeFilesGet preinclude files from build information
getSourceFilesGet source files from build information
getSourcePathsGet source paths from build information
getUndefinesFrom build information, get preprocessor macros to undefine
removeIncludePathsRemove include paths from build information
removeSourceFilesRemove source files from build information object
removeUndefinesRemove undefine preprocessor macros from build information
setTargetProvidesMainDisable inclusion of code generator provided (generated or static) main.c source file during build
updateFilePathsAndExtensionsUpdate files in build information with missing paths and file extensions
updateFileSeparatorUpdate file separator character for file lists in build information


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When you build generated code, the build process stores an RTW.BuildInfo object in the buildInfo.mat file. To retrieve the object, from the code generation folder that contains the buildInfo.mat file, run:

ans = 

  BuildInfo with properties:

          ComponentName: 'slexAircraftExample'
                 Viewer: []
                 Tokens: [27×1 RTW.BuildInfoKeyValuePair]
              BuildArgs: [13×1 RTW.BuildInfoKeyValuePair]
               MakeVars: []
               MakeArgs: ''
    TargetPreCompLibLoc: ''
        TargetLibSuffix: ''
              ModelRefs: []
                 SysLib: [1×1 RTW.BuildInfoModules]
                   Maps: [1×1 struct]
                LinkObj: []
                Options: [1×1 RTW.BuildInfoOptions]
                    Inc: [1×1 RTW.BuildInfoModules]
                    Src: [1×1 RTW.BuildInfoModules]
                  Other: [1×1 RTW.BuildInfoModules]
                   Path: []
               Settings: [1×1 RTW.BuildInfoSettings]
           DisplayLabel: 'Build Info'
                  Group: ''

The object contains build information.

This example shows how to create an RTW.BuildInfo object and register source files.

Create an RTW.BuildInfo object.

buildInfo = RTW.BuildInfo;

Register source files.

buildInfo.ComponentName = 'foo1';
addSourceFiles(buildInfo, 'foo1.c');

Specify the build method and create a static library.

tmf = fullfile(tmffolder, 'ert_vcx64.tmf');
buildResult1 = codebuild(pwd, buildInfo, tmf)

Version History

Introduced in R2006a