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Software Component Modeling

Model and simulate AUTOSAR software for the Classic Platform

AUTOSAR Blockset software supports software component modeling for the Classic Platform. To develop AUTOSAR software components in Simulink®:

  • Create a Simulink representation of an AUTOSAR software component. AUTOSAR component creation can start from an AUTOSAR XML (ARXML) component description or an existing Simulink design.

  • Develop the software component by refining the AUTOSAR configuration and creating algorithmic model content.

  • Generate an ARXML component description and algorithmic C code for testing in Simulink or integration into the AUTOSAR run-time environment. (AUTOSAR code generation requires Simulink Coder™ and Embedded Coder®.)


  • Modeling Patterns
    Simulink modeling patterns for AUTOSAR software component behavior and structure
  • Component Creation
    Create AUTOSAR software component from model or ARXML
  • Component Development
    Develop AUTOSAR software components, communication, behavior, data types, and calibration data
  • Code Generation
    Generate AUTOSAR-compliant C code and XML descriptions for production integration