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AUTOSAR Data Types

Configure data types and computational methods

The AUTOSAR standard defines platform data types for use by AUTOSAR software components. In Simulink®, you can model AUTOSAR data types used in elements such as data elements, operation arguments, calibration parameters, measurement variables, and inter-runnable variables. If you import an AUTOSAR component from ARXML files, Embedded Coder® imports AUTOSAR data types and creates the required corresponding Simulink data types. During code generation, Embedded Coder exports ARXML descriptions for data types used in the component model and generates AUTOSAR data types in C code.

While developing your AUTOSAR software component, you can configure data type related aspects of the component. For example:

  • Modify imported AUTOSAR computation methods (CompuMethods) or create and configure new CompuMethods. CompuMethods convert between the internal values and physical representation of AUTOSAR data.

  • Configure how internal data constraints are exported.

  • Configure application data type export.

  • Initialize data with application value specifications.

  • Configure AUTOSAR packages to aggregate exported data types and related elements.

  • Configure calibration aspects of data objects or elements.


addPackageableElementAdd element to AUTOSAR package in model
createEnumerationCreate Simulink enumeration data type definition to work with imported AUTOSAR element
createNumericTypeCreate Simulink numeric data type definition to work with imported AUTOSAR element
getGet property of AUTOSAR element
setSet property of AUTOSAR element


Configure AUTOSAR CompuMethods

Import or create computation methods to convert between internal values and physical representation of AUTOSAR data.

Configure AUTOSAR Internal Data Constraints Export

Force ARXML export of internal data constraints for AUTOSAR implementation data types.

Configure AUTOSAR Data Types

Configure AUTOSAR base, implementation, and application data types.

Automatic AUTOSAR Data Type Generation

Automatically generate AUTOSAR platform data types in AUTOSAR-compliant C code.

Configure AUTOSAR Packages

Import or define element packages within hierarchical AUTOSAR package structure.

Configure AUTOSAR Data for Measurement and Calibration

Define AUTOSAR data properties (SwDataDefProps), including SwCalibrationAccess, DisplayFormat, and SwAddrMethod.