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Fuel Cells: Dynamic Modeling and Control with Power Electronics Applications, 2nd edition

Fuel Cells: Dynamic Modeling and Control with Power Electronics Applications, Second Edition describes advanced research results on modeling and control designs for fuel cells and their hybrid energy systems. Filled with simulation examples and test results, the book provides detailed discussions on fuel cell modeling, analysis, and nonlinear control.

The book begins with an introduction to fuel cells and fuel cell power systems as well as the fundamentals of fuel cell systems and their components. It then presents the linear and nonlinear modeling of fuel cell dynamics before discussing typical approaches of linear and nonlinear modeling and control design methods for fuel cells. The authors also explore the MATLAB and Simulink implementation of fuel cells throughout the book, including the modeling of PEM fuel cells and control designs. They cover the applications of fuel cells in vehicles, utility power systems, standalone systems, and hybrid renewable energy systems. The book concludes with the modeling and analysis of hybrid renewable energy systems, which integrate fuel cells, wind power, and solar power. Mathematical preliminaries on linear and nonlinear control are provided in an appendix.

About This Book

Bei Gou, Smart Electric Grid, LLC
Woonki Na, California State University
Bill Diong, Kennesaw State University

CRC Press, Inc., 2017

ISBN: 9781498732994
Language: English

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