BESA Research

EEG and MEG analysis software


  • EEG and MEG raw data import and preprocessing
  • ERP analysis and averaging
  • Time-frequency analysis and source coherence
  • Interactive source analysis and 3D source imaging
  • Batch-guided study analysis


BESA Research is a comprehensive software package for complete EEG and MEG data analysis. A highly versatile and user-friendly Microsoft® Windows® program, it provides optimized tools and scripts to preprocess raw or averaged data for source analysis. BESA Research provides a variety of source analysis algorithms and a standardized realistic head model (FEM), and allows for fast and easy hypothesis testing.

The advanced tools provided by BESA Research cover a variety of analysis steps, including raw data import, remontaging, artifact correction, averaging, mapping, peak detection, source analysis, 3D source imaging (CLARA, LORETA, sLORETA, and others), batch scripting, time-frequency analysis, and source coherence.

At multiple stages of the workflow of EEG and MEG data analysis, BESA Research allows users to send processed data and intermediate or final results to MATLAB® (using the libeng library, which utilizes the COM interface). This data is made available in MATLAB as structure arrays. The purpose is to allow users to combine their own data analysis steps with analysis steps done in BESA Research. A typical application is cross-subject statistics on processed EEG and MEG data (e.g., source images), which is not available in the BESA Research program, but which can be easily performed using MATLAB scripts.

BESA Research software is mainly used in institutes performing brain research (clinical and neuroscience applications). Typical end users are postdocs and other researchers in universities or other research institutes worldwide.


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  • Data Analysis Tools


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