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Is there a bug in MATLAB siderealTime function?
Hi Jae-Hee, Thank you for flagging this issue. The output of the calls to siderealTime with scalar inputs is correct: thGMSTf...

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Possible discrepancy in acceleration calculation in 6DOF block where centripetal acceleration is being added to body frame acceleration?
Hi, Note that the cross-product block is actually doing x , which is equal to x . Thanks, Collin

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ECEF smaller than earth radius
Hi Judy, can you clarify where you see those values being used in the the Aerospace Blockset? Those values are close to the in...

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Is there documentation for the 6DOF Airframe Simulink Template?
The airframe modeled in the 6DOF template is the de Havilland Beaver. The same airframe is modeled in the Aerospace Blockset exa...

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