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Santosh Kasula


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Manager for Learning Applications Team @ MathWorks.
Professional Interests: MATLAB, Java, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and other web technologies.


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Usage of "regexp" or "!" command in Cody. Codyでのregexpや!といったコマンドの使用に関して
We (Cody Team) are aware of this issue. We are working on a solution to prevent some of this cheating automatically. Along with ...

fast 3 Jahre vor | 2

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Student sees a very strange and usual interface
The student might be using version-2 of Cody Coursework on Windows PC and version-1 on iPad. "Code to call your function" is a n...

mehr als 5 Jahre vor | 2

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Cody reference file bug
Sorry for inconvinience. This is a bug in Coursework. We are working on a fix right now. We will let you know as soon as we fix ...

mehr als 5 Jahre vor | 0

How do I include image (.jpg) in Cody Coursework problem description?
There is a new version of < Cody Coursework> , which gives you the ability to upload the imag...

mehr als 5 Jahre vor | 1

Incosistent behaviour of figures titles in Cody coursework
This looks like a bug. We are looking into this.

mehr als 7 Jahre vor | 0

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Can Cody Coursework evaluate scripts that use the "input" command?
Use of certain function is not allowed in this product offering. *input* is one of them. All of the limitations listed in the fo...

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The CSV file when I click "Download Solution Results" is empty in Cody Coursework.
The report only includes solutions submitted by students. It doesn't include solution submitted by the professor or other instru...

mehr als 8 Jahre vor | 0

adding an existing cody problem to an assignment?
Do you mean adding an existing Cody Coursework problem to an assignment? If so, when viewing a problem you will have an option t...

mehr als 8 Jahre vor | 0

Grading MATLAB assignments automatically
I think what you are looking for is < Cody>. Cody is a puzzle solving game that chall...

mehr als 10 Jahre vor | 0