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How can I link a data dictionary to a Simulink block library?
It's an old one, but as I had to tackle a similar issue, I thought this might be useful to others. You cannot link a library bl...

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C function in Simulink not found by MinGW compiler
That is the "Simulation Target". You should try and replicate the same in the corresponding "custom code" panes under "Code Gen...

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How to remove outliers from exponentially weighted moving mean in real-time?
I am not sure what you ar eaiming at, here: >> % Calculate moving mean with weights manually x = zeros(length(cycle_period_st...

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How do I list values of the Simulink Enumeration definitions ?
I don't know if it's still an open Q, but since i found it while looking for the same thing, here's how I did it. Once you have...

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