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Duncan Carlsmith

University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Physics professor active in computational physics education for 1st-year university students.

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Python, C++, MATLAB, HTML, Fortran
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How to open a .raw file in MATLAB
Some references applicable to "rgb" "raw" and dng are

7 Monate vor | 0

How do I decode DigitalCamera.MakerNote returned by imfinfo as a vector of doubles?
Answering my own question after much ferreting around. It appears that the APPLE makernotes file is a BLIST, a binary version of...

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How do I decode DigitalCamera.MakerNote returned by imfinfo as a vector of doubles?
I have a iPhone .jpg taken with location services for the camera enabled. Using EXIFTool , I can see data (shown below) that I n...

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Curve fitting using different functions
You are asking about nonlinear fitting and several choices are available including nlinfit. Try can try using Curve Fitter, from...

10 Monate vor | 0


zoom image interactively maintaining a square zoom field
I'd like to use the + button with e.g. some control key, or some other trick, in order to zoom interactively on an image while m...

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Finding minimum within a set of rows below a certain point?
% Make fake data, rows of random monotonically increasing values. X=cumsum(rand(10),2) % Make logical array for values satisfy...

11 Monate vor | 0

How to delete all the commented content in a m-file?
% Read the contents of the file into a string variable filename='Your_File.m' % Use fopen to open the file for reading fi...

11 Monate vor | 0

Multiple roots formula with Matlab
Not likely the point of the exercise but this works: syms x; solve(x^4- 6*x^3 + 12*x^2 - 10*x +3==0,'ReturnConditions',true) ...

12 Monate vor | 0

Connecting to ChatGPT using API
See Generate MATLAB code using ChatGPT API at

etwa ein Jahr vor | 3

Spellcheck functionality in MATLAB editor
On a Mac, BBEDIT will open a .mlx (which is zip file, (see

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