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How to trigger a PostSet event only after setting all properties of a set(object,'Prop1',Val1,'Prop2',Val2) call?
I have a class that calls a single PostSet method whenever one of its properties is changed (to re-evaluate a stored private pro...

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Colored plot of a parameter with coordinates not homogeneous
You can use textscan(), readtable() or importdata() to read the values into the workspace. For plotting in different colors, sc...

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How can I rectify the parse error at '=' in line 7?
In line eight, you want to print the value of V. The problem is, you never assign it any value. Variable assigment in essence al...

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How to deal with NaN statistical analysis?
Mean only gives you a single output argument, the mean value; so requesting a second output argument will not work.

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3x3 matrix zufallszahlen zwischen 10 und 20 Diagonale = 0
X = round(10*rand(3,3)+10).*~eye(3);

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How to write the code for Exponential Growth
C = 4e6; k = log(3)/30; t = 45; y = C*exp(k*t);

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How to plot a bessel function?
Are you looking for besselj()?

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How to disable red orientation indicator in pdeplot3d?
When using pdeplot3d (, the function automatically adds an indicator showing...

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