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How can I run Cantera functions on .cti files in MATLAB?
Cantera 2.5 and Python 3.7 seem like they are supposed to be compatible with .cti files, but starting in Cantera 2.5 .cti files ...

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How can I run Cantera functions on .cti files in MATLAB?
I am mostly asking this question so I can answer it for the next person who has this problem, though I still don't really unders...

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Matlab is showing the following error -'Unrecognized function or variable 'importPhase'.'
Though this is a Cantera question, I had the same question and had difficulty finding an answer, so I will put it here. The func...

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How can I make Cantera functions available in Matlab or link them?
I think this is really a Cantera question. There are a couple of steps where the installation can go wrong. See the Cantera inst...

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Saving large variables with save -v7 instead of -v7.3
Question: Is there a better way to save large variables? The problem of saving large variables is a rapidly growing problem. In...

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Correct format not available for image acquisition
I am trying to read the images from a Mightex camera, BTE-B050-U, into Matlab. Mightex cameras use DirectShow, so we installed t...

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How to multiply a vector with each column of a matrix most efficiently?
I just encountered this problem myself, and found all these answers to be very helpful. However, after poking a little bit more,...

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