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How Can I Get the Windows Version Number in a Script?
Just a note, system('ver') can be slow to return (~0.5 seconds in my PC), adding to latency if used in GUI callbacks, etc.

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Select specific digits of a number
c = 123.45 for d = [0.01 0.1 1 10 100] round( (mod(c,10*d)-mod(c,d))/d ) end [round() is needed because of binary precis...

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Windows Crashing during NN training
Try closing the figure. I am getting a matlab crash (win7, r2017b) on the next train() call if I don't close the previous traini...

fast 3 Jahre ago | 0

How can I segment MRI to generate a 3D model?
SPM12 is a free matlab package that performs automatic extraction of gray matter, white matter, csf, skull, and scalp from T1 we...

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Matlab Screen Size incorrect
I had a similar issue; I think it was because I un-docked my laptop and then re-docked it (I have a dual-monitor display dock), ...

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Fitting curve with an exponential function
You might try the Hilbert Transform (see < this>). Then,...

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tprintf -- Print to Second Terminal Window
Print lines of text in secondary windows resembling command window.

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circular diff
diff with wrap-around differences, same sized output matrix

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List cells in command window with hyperlinks.
Copy and paste the contents of this script into a shortcut. Click for a list of cells with links.

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