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Graphs not plotting correctly.
Replace you plotfunction_beta with your function: LPplotfun(matx,maty,fits,NumRows) Also, I never have returned the name of a ...

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Matlab Code for the graph
In this case, it would be fastest to use your ruler to get some of the X and Y points for the three Pa curves. Store them in Ma...

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Resize Figure for Word report
One way to do it is to try different window sizes and when you find one that looks good in Word, simply use the get and set func...

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convert from linear units to dBm and dB
So dB is a measure of power relative to 1 Watt and dBm is measure of power relative to 1 Milliwatt. x_in = 5.3; % Volts Cove...

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Can phased.GSCBeamformer system Object run Frame by frame?
For these Beamformer objects, the examples always show full wavform in and full wavform out. In my application, it is running o...

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