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Deep Learning Software Engineer at MathWorks.

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Deep Learning Toolbox - Structuring the Training Data from Imported Data
Hello PB75, If I understand it correctly, you would like to arrange data_03, data_04, data_05 and data_06 into a cell array tha...

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How to write imageDatastore include labels.
To combine the two datastores into a single datastore, one option would be to use the combine function to create a CombinedDatas...

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Not enough input arguments - trainNetwork
As Walter has pointed out, if your data is in a numeric array, you need to pass predictors and responses separately. For a cla...

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How to input CNN images from two sources?
Hello Andrey, In this case you can use the "combine" function to create a combinedDatastore object of the form accepted by trai...

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is it possible to make "Sequence-to-Sequence Classification" using custom CNN network?
I would recommend getting started by taking a look at the following example:

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