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Subplots of subplots (maybe using subaxis)
Repost my code snippet here to explain the beast output: %install the beast program eval(webread('',webop...

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Time Series change point detection
To Surendar Babu: For your time series data, ineed, it is hard to see a signficant abrupt change. Similar to my answer to the o...

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Time Series change point detection
For those who may need a Bayesian alternative for time series changepoint detection, one such Matlab implemenation is available ...

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How can I chose the Threshold value, in change point detection for a set of data with unknown number of changepoints
If anybody wants to try a Bayesian alternative for changepoint detection, one possbility is a Bayesian method called BEAST (Baye...

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How to Decompose Time Series Data into Trend and Seasonality?
Numerous time series decomposition algorithms are possible and the results are sensitive to the algorithim choices. (An excerpt...

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