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Raw image file conversion in MATLAB
Hi 'Deep P' The raw CR2 files (from Canon are modified TIFF files. imread recognizes the tiff format and is happy reading them....

11 Monate ago | 0


Compression of Canon CR2 raw images in MATLAB ?
I am using my Canon 5D Mark IV to acquire images of star fields. Often in Astro photography the most interesting features have v...

11 Monate ago | 1 answer | 0



Curve (Line) Fitting in 3D
I read your question such that you have a large number of points in 3D (x,y,z), and you want to fit a line through these points....

mehr als 2 Jahre ago | 0

Valley/Ridge tracing in N-D data
Hi Dan I have a simple code for 'Ridge walking' in 2D gray scale images. Maybe this could be extended to ND although it may n...

mehr als 2 Jahre ago | 0


2D Rotated Gaussian Fit
Function will fit a 2D gaussian function. It will also find the rotation angle for the 2D gaussian.

mehr als 7 Jahre ago | 11 downloads |


Get subpixel resolution images of a high resolution image
You may try the standard function imresize - but this may not be as fast as you wish for. Alternatively, you may resample the tw...

mehr als 7 Jahre ago | 0


Animated Peaks and Spheres
A demo for using MATLAB's spatial transforms

mehr als 12 Jahre ago | 1 download |



Tri Surface Image
Use of Image Filters and Triangulation for Image Manipulation

mehr als 12 Jahre ago | 2 downloads |