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C++, Java, Javascript, MATLAB, Ruby, Perl, Swift, Assembly
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Project Euler, Lattice path - Problem 15
Project Euler Problem #15, is a combinatorial problem. if we mark going down as "D" and going the right as "R", the problem is r...

fast 2 Jahre vor | 0

tail recursive function and wrapper function
The question is not about whether Matlab supports tail recursion. The question is to make a tail recursive function and wrapper ...

fast 2 Jahre vor | 0

multiple digit number in to individual digits
a simple single line solution: >> num = 12345042117; >> arrayfun(@(x) mod(floor(num/10^x),10),floor(log10(num)):-1:0) ans =...

mehr als 4 Jahre vor | 0

How can I count the occurrences of each element in a vector in MATLAB?
This is how I did it: numOccur = sum(arrayfun(@(x) x == elem,vec)) where 'elem', is the element to search in the given v...

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