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Support for RFSoC 2x2 kit for academics
Hi Peter Hobden, You can use this RFSoC Template - MATLAB & Simulink ( RFSoC template from SoC Blockset to crea...

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HDL System Blockset FPGA design generation Error
Hi Shady, Please use proper downsampler for data and use same rate trantition block for valid and ready signals in your design....

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Having difficulty with examples using the socModelCreator to from the SoC Blockset
Hi Jim Esmond , You need to install 3rd party software tools after installing SoC Blockset supportpackage for Xilinx devices....

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OFDM Transmit and Receive Using Xilinx RFSoC Device
Hi, Have you done Hardware setup after installing the supportpackages? If you have not done already and please follw this link ...

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