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Alex Karle

UMass Amherst

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I am a undergraduate student studying computer science and math at UMass Amherst.

This summer (2017) I am interning with the Engineering Development Group at MathWorks!


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How do I use 'axis tight' with appdesigner?
Hi Matt, Try specifying which axis you want to be tight: plot(app.UIAxes, S, Prices); title(app.UIAxes, 'Price'); axi...

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get edge between two node set
Hi Hamid, I wrote some code that should solve this problem for you. The details of the code are commented: % Let us ...

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How do I upload an excel file in matlab online
Hi Stephen, To upload an excel file so that you have access to it on MATLAB Online, you need to upload the file to MATLAB Dri...

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XGrid and XTick with different space
I ran your code and see your problem: the high frequency grid lines make it impossible to read the ticks and hard to see the plo...

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