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isrow iscol: pedestrian siblings who determine the nature of an array

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two highly optimized routines, which determine the nature of an array.


Updated 06 Feb 2006

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the names say it all... really
no need to ponder

isrow(v) returns true if v is a row-vector and false otherwise

iscol(v) returns true if v is a column-vector and false otherwise

this is a highly optimized software package

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us (2021). isrow iscol: pedestrian siblings who determine the nature of an array (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Simple and effective

kim l

sorry, I forgte the rating!

kim l

One line of code can do this! The same line I would use calling this tool!! By the way you are better doing "pedestrian stuff" ;) sick

Duane Hanselman

FYI: Simple submissions like this often make good subfunctions that you just add to the end of a primary function that calls them.

John D'Errico

I'll admit these functions seem so incredibly trivial that part of me wants to ask why post it? But it is a fact that many of my codes have tests in them that are equivalent to one of these tools. It is the use of simple, well-named idioms like this that makes for the best self documenting code. These functions are a logical continuation of the family of functions isvector, isscalar, etc. Good complete help. No error checking, but then what errors would you check for?

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Inspired: isvect

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