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Compile Zip archives and automatically include all dependencies.
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I often need to share a short script, function, or model with colleagues, where it would be cumbersome to create a more formalized git or svn repository. In these cases, I'll usually just zip up the file(s) but of course still want to make sure that I include all the necessary file dependencies.
pack_n_go is an easy way to compress a Matlab script, function, model, or directory into a *.zip archive to share.
It will automatically calculate and include any dependencies that are found.
Additionally, it will create a text file within the archive listing all the necessary Matlab products or Toolboxes (and versions) required to run.

pack_n_go can be used by explicitly passing a file or directory to it. Or, if no arguments are passed, it will zip up the currently active Matlab Editor file. This latter case is ideal for use as a shortcut button.

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Meade (2024). pack_n_go (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Erstellt mit R2015b
Kompatibel mit allen Versionen
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Can now toggle where the dependency info is written ['file' (default); 'console' (option)]
Can create (UNzipped) folders instead of zip files.