Gamma correction using the sRGB and Adobe RGB standards

Gamma correction using the sRGB and Adobe RGB standards
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Linearize gamma-corrected RGB values (from sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998 to linear RGB) and apply gamma correction to linear RGB values (from linear RGB to sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998).
1) Ebner, Marc. "Gamma Correction." Color Constancy. Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons, 2007.
2) Adobe Systems Incorporated. "Inverting the color component transfer function." Adobe RGB (1998) Color Image Encoding. Section, May 2005, p.12.
- There are no color manipulations applied on the RGB before applying the gamma correction to the input image. The gamma correction was applied in the same way of either Adobe RGB standards or gamma 2.2.

-There is a very small reconstruction error if you are going from sRGB (input image) to linear RGB, then from linear RGB to sRGB caused by round-off error.
-If you have Matlab 2017b or higher, you can use lin2rgb and rgb2lin functions instead.

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