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Finds points on the plot nearest to the mouse click.
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GINPUTPLOT finds points on the 2-D plot nearest to the mouse click

[XI,YI] = GINPUTPLOT(N) gets N points from the current axes and
returns the nearest points on the plot of Y versus X, in length N
vectors XI and YI, where X and Y are respectively 'XData' and 'YData'
properties of all childern objects in the current axes.

[XI,YI] = GINPUTPLOT gathers an unlimited number of points until
the return key is pressed.

GINPUTPLOT(H,N) and GINPUTPLOT(H) does the same as GINPUTPLOT(N) and
GINPUTPLOT for objects with handles H.


[t,Y] = ode23(@lotka,[0 5],[20 20]');
[xi,yi] = ginputplot

If any suggestions/improvements/entensions, please let me know.

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