Grayscale image into monopolar or bipolar RGBA image with colorbar.
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Function scalar2colormap is designed to transform 2D scalar image into a monopolar or bipolar RGBA image. Colormaps can be defined independently for negative, zero, and positive scalar values. Colormap can be imposed on a background image with a chosen transparency and cropped with an additional mask image. Colormaps are linear by default but function supports for non-linear mapping as well to further enhance polar differences. Optional output gives object handles for figure, axes, images, and colorbar for final tuning (titles, fonts, labels etc.) of the image.

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Viljami Sairanen (2024). scalar2colormap (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Erstellt mit R2016b
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Inspiriert von: bluewhitered, Red Blue Colormap, imoverlay

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