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Wind turbulence in the neutral and unstable surface-layer

version 1.2 (4.72 MB) by E. Cheynet
A study of surface layer fluxes and wind velocity spectra (simulated data)


Updated 03 Mar 2019

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A meteorological tower with 3 sonic anemometers at 3 different heights is "simulated" and 4 samples corresponding to both neutral and unstable atmospheric stratifications are provided for each height.
The goal is to use the eddy-covariance method to retrieve the different turbulence statistics and the associated flux of momentum and heat in the surface layer.
The submission contains

• 4 .mat files with the different samples (simulated time series)

• 2 examples files: One to illustrate the spectral model from Højstrup [1], the other one to study the momentum and heat flux and the wind velocity spectra.

• The functions “verticalSpectrum_Hojstrup” and “longitudinalSpectrum_Hojstrup” to compute the spectral model from Højstrup [1].

• The function “getStability” to estimate the Obukhov length, the heat flux, the scaling temperature and friction velocity.

• The function “obukhovLength” to compute the Obukhov length.

• The function “similarityFun” to get the non-dimensional vertical profile of heat and momentum.

• The functions “plotSimilarityFun” and “plotVelocitySpectra” to plot more clearly the velocity spectra and the non-dimensional profiles

There are many typographic mistakes in the present version of the submission, which will be progressively cleared during the next few weeks. This submission was done during my free time as an exercise to better learn and understand the Monin-Obukhov similarity theory (MOST). Therefore, any comments or suggestion to improve this submission is warmly welcomed.

[1] Højstrup, J. (1981). A simple model for the adjustment of velocity spectra in unstable conditions downstream of an abrupt change in roughness and heat flux. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 21(3), 341-356.

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