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Convert PTU files to matlab structure variable


Updated 15 Jan 2018

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The function reads a PTU file created by a HydraHarp TCSPC device (PicoQuant device) and converts it to matlab structure called output. It runs ~100x faster than the demo version it is based on enabling real-time monitoring and analysis.

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I never tried with a picoharp 300 but it should work, note that this only works for TTTR mode. Let me know if it doesn't work maybe I can adjust it.

Is it posible to read PTU created by picoharp 300?

These files are typically quite big. Any .ptu file produced by a HH with the latest firmware in TTTR mode should work.

Liangyu Qiu

May you give me a sample file to test this file?


Update to V1.1

Added support for files containing many photon counts. There was a problem due to the use of int32 instead of doubles

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Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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