STXM ParticleAnalysis2 GUI

Particle analysis app for STXM data
Aktualisiert 21. Jul 2016

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A graphical user interface (GUI) has been constructed to make these procedures more accessible to those new to STXM or MATLAB. Moreover, the ParticleAnalysis2 GUI can also speed up the use of frequently used routines by removing the tedium of entering codes into the command line or running batch scripts. Within the ParticleAnalysis2 GUI there are three basic levels of data abstraction: Raw Data Processing, Processed Data Analysis, and Dataset Exploration and QC. Many of the Raw Data Processing and Processed Data analysis routines stem from codes published previously with some minor changes. New to ParticleAnalysis2 is the concept of a Dataset where the analyst can distinguish various samples that each have numerous STXM regions of interest (ROIs). The analyst can explore all particles in the dataset using an interactive plot whereby all particles for a particular sample are shown; the analyst may easily view the raw data for the particles or remove the particles from the data set if there are problems. These new routines were instrumental in a recent study on the morphological characteristics of internally mixed soot particles and it is hoped that they may serve to advance such scientific studies in the future.

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Ryan Moffet (2024). STXM ParticleAnalysis2 GUI (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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