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Mathematical modelling of an outbreak of zombie infection

version (63.4 KB) by E. Cheynet
How long will humanity survive to zombiism ?


Updated 18 Dec 2018

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In 2009, Munz et al. [1] have written a paper I have found pretty pedagogical. it dealt with the simulation of zombie infection among human population. I have therefore decided to re-write the Matlab code they propose in their paper, and to play a little with the different parameters. The present code is made of:
- one example file
- one zombies.m function that shows the basic model proposed by Munz et al.
- one erad.m function that is based on the "impulsive eradication" model.
There is no guarantees that the code I have written is reliable. If any doubt, please refers to the original one.
[1] Munz, Philip, et al. "When zombies attack!: mathematical modelling of an outbreak of zombie infection." Infectious Disease Modelling Research Progress 4 (2009): 133-150

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