Drag & Drop functionality for JAVA GUI components

Class for Drag & Drop functionality
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obj = dndcontrol(javaobj) creates a dndcontrol object for the specified Java object, such as 'javax.swing.JTextArea' or 'javax.swing.JList'. Two callback functions are available: obj.DropFileFcn and obj.DropStringFcn, that listen to drop actions of respectively system files or plain text.

The Drag & Drop control class relies on a Java class "MLDropTarget.class" that need to be visible on the Java classpath. To initialize, call the static method dndcontrol.initJava(). The Java class can be adjusted and recompiled if desired.
A demonstration is available from the static method dndcontrol.demo().


Written by: Maarten van der Seijs, 2015.

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Maarten van der Seijs (2024). Drag & Drop functionality for JAVA GUI components (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/53511-drag-drop-functionality-for-java-gui-components), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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