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IBCSO International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean Toolbox

version (3.45 MB) by Chad Greene
Access, interpolate, and plot DEM data


Updated 30 May 2018

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This toolbox has functions to access, interpolate, and plot IBCSO DEM data ( See the Examples tab for function syntax, description, and examples. This is a plugin for Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab (Greene et al., 2017).

Citing this toolbox:
Arndt, Jan Erik; Schenke, Hans Werner; Jakobsson, Martin; Nitsche, Frank-Oliver; Buys, Gwen; Goleby, Bruce; Rebesco, Michele; Bohoyo, Fernando; Hong, Jong Kuk; Black, Jenny; Greku, Rudolf Kh; Udintsev, Gleb B; Barrios, Felipe; Reynoso-Peralta, Walter; Taisei, Morishita; Wigley, Rochelle (2013): The International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean (IBCSO) Version 1.0. PANGAEA,,

Arndt, JE et al. (2013): The International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean Version 1.0 - A new bathymetric compilation covering circum-Antarctic waters. Geophysical Research Letters, 40(9), 1-7,

Chad A. Greene, David E. Gwyther, and Donald D. Blankenship. Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab. Computers & Geosciences. 104 (2017) pp. 151-157

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Fox Lake


Updated a data download link in ibcso_install and edited some examples.

Re-trying file upload.

Added support for RGB image plotting, contouring, elevation references to WGS84 ellipsoid, and added a simple installation script.

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Created with R2012b
Compatible with any release
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