Static analysis - Suspension bridge - A benchmark solution

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This matlab code computes the static displacement of a suspension bridge
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This is a benchmark solution to estimate the wind-induced static displacement of a single span suspension bridge. Only the horizontal wind component normal to the bridge deck is considered.
The lateral, vertical and torsional displacement can be computed. The mode shapes and eigen-frequencies of the bridge are calculated inside a sub-folder named "eigenBridge". The static response is computed with the Matlab function "staticResponse.m" and the files that manages the call of all these functions is "Example.m".
To have an quick overview of the results see the html example attached.
You can modify the bridge properties inside the files "Example.m" and "LysefjordBridge.m".
The data for the bridge used in this example are taken from [1],[2], and [3], which are freely available on the internet.
Any comments or suggestions is warmly welcomed to improve the script.
[1] Opsahl Steigen, R. (2011). Modeling and analyzing a suspension bridge in light of deterioration of the main cable wires.
[2] Tveiten, J. (2012). Dynamic analysis of a suspension bridge.
[3] Gran, B. (2012). Konstruksjonsanalyse av en hengebro.

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