Modeling Systems with Multilevel Converters in Simscape

Files to accompany the webinar: 'Modeling Systems with Multilevel Converters in MATLAB and Simulink'
Aktualisiert 15. Mär 2021

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We demonstrate how MathWorks tools may be used to model and simulate systems containing multilevel converter technology. A modular multilevel converter example will be used to explore the following topics,
- Build models of multilevel converters programatically from base components
- Use configurable subsystems to switch between different converter architectures
- Analyze pulse-width modulation (PWM) harmonic signatures to verify the correctness of the models
- Simulate different operational scenarios to test control system operation
- HVDC power transfer
- PMSM generation control
- Automate report generation to record the output of simulation studies

For more information on MathWorks solutions for Power Electronics Control Design, please visit this link

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Graham Dudgeon (2024). Modeling Systems with Multilevel Converters in Simscape (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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