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Corrects perspective in an image.


Updated 29 Apr 2019

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This app 'keystone corrects' a given image. Basically, it straightens merging lines to correct perspective as expected in photos of tall buildings, snapshots of display boards shot at an angle, etc. A discussion of the algorithm behind this app is given here: .
Any feature suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks for trying the app (if you did, that is) and enjoy (the life, in general)!

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JKMSMKJ (2019). KeystoneCorrector (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Keystone Corrector (, JKMSMKJ (2019), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved April 29, 2019.

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Thanks Nikolay. I don't use the image processing toolbox so can't help you with the built-in functions.
I can share my basic code if you send me an email.

Very nice app, but I need to correct for distortion series of images, so I will have to write my own code for this purpose. Could you tell me, what function do you use to warp the image after the parameters of transformation are determined? I tried to calibrate the camera, then using projective2d to determine transformation, invert and imwarp to correct the distortion, but this seems the wrong way, since imwarp produces downsampled image.


Chun-Jen Hsueh: Could you please let me know the error you get when trying to load an image? Thanks.

This app doesn't work. I can not even read an image.


GUIDE app converted to AppDesigner app. That means a tweaked GUI and a higher chance of buggy behaviour (Let me know if you encounter any). Minor tweaks to the functionality too as in concave regions are recognized better than before (I hope).

Revamped GUI (Draggable quadrilateral corners to select the region to be corrected, Border extent selector, Previews of selected & corrected regions, etc.); Updated algorithm to take care of non-convex regions; Custom crop option.

Cropping algorithm updated; More options for saving an image; Minor GUI & bug fixes.

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