Feature-Based Image Registration

An app for registering images interactively, using feature-base approaches
Aktualisiert 10. Nov 2020

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Register images using any of the features supported by the Computer Vision System Toolbox.
Manipulate interactively ANY of the parameter/values for ALL of the tools in the underlying DETECT/EXTRACT/MATCH workflow. The Feature-Based Image Registration app automatically generates transformation matrices, and visualizes the result of the registration. At the push of a button, MATLAB code to recreate the registration is automatically echoed at the Command Line.
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Brett Shoelson (2024). Feature-Based Image Registration (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/49058-feature-based-image-registration), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Erstellt mit R2014b
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Windows macOS Linux

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Modified to work in R2020b (updated shared-workspace variables).

Updated license