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Panic Simulator

version (6.41 MB) by Julian
Simulates panic behaviour in modifiable rooms with one exit


Updated 17 Aug 2015

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The aim of the Panic Simulator is to simulate features of human escape panic in crowded environments with a single exit e.g. baths, discotheques, stadia, lecture halls or rooms in general. Thereby the modeling of the pedestrian’s behavior is inspired by the model used by Helbing et al.*.
The graphical user interface enables an intuitive and fast handling in all settings and features of the Panic Simulator as well as it allows convenient research in the fields of panic behavior and room architectures.
The basic characteristics and features of the Panic Simulator are:
SETTINGS: management of the properties for Agents (simulated individuals), Arena (simulated environment), Equation of motion (model of pedestrian’s behavior) and Plot (speed of simulation)

ARENA EDITOR: powerful editor to adjust and manipulate the environment by creating, removing or modifying the properties of Agents and Arena

AUTOMATE: statistic tool allowing automated variable sweep, averaging over multiple runs and data visualization

For detailed description of all features please read the ‘Panic Simulator User Guide’.

* Dirk Helbing, Illes Farkas, Tamas Vicsek, Simulating dynamical features of escape panic, Nature 407, 487-409 (2000)

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