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Figure from text file (supports HTML tags)

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This function takes text from a file and creates a figure to display it


Updated 02 May 2014

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This function takes text from a file and creates a figure to display it. It supports HTML tags in the text (e.g. <i>abs(…)</i>), as well as tables
I use this function to create help / about figures for GUI's. Often the help / about changes considerably over the course of the project, so I like to just be able to edit a text file and let this function take care of the rest. I have included a text file from one such project as an example.

The created figure is designed to have the general appearance of a text editor viewing an A4 page

It supports section headings, marked by: /Section
as well as tab delimited tables,
with boundaries given marked by: /tablestart

(I haven't been game enough to let HTML handle tables directly)

NOTES: This function consists of mostly undocumented MATLAB functions. As such I wouldn't stray too far away from the example

This function wouldn't have been possible without the java uiobject discussions at:

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