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Fractional Derivative

version (1.07 KB) by Jonathan
Compute the fractional derivative of a sampled function using Grunwald-Letnikov formulation.


Updated 24 Mar 2014

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This implementation is similar to that of Bayat 2007 (fderiv) but uses vectorization for faster computation with Matlab. Type `help fgl_deriv` for information on usage. Feel free to rate if you find this useful, and leave a comment if you have improvements in mind.

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Anmol Gupta

This code works very well for functions like sin(t), t^2, t^3 and exp(t). But, it doesn't provide any results when the function is cos(t). Can you please tell me what might be the reason?


Elson Chen

Ján Mucha


I agree with Paul, this implementation produces (boundary) artefacts.

Is this the left-sided or right-sided definition?

Paul C

Hi, there seems to be some boundary artefact when i try this on some functions (example : X./ (1+X.^2).^2)... any idea how to avoid this?


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