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Color multi-frame view (RGB figure shadows)

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Creates color figure shadows - multiple shadows and multiple frames


Updated 13 Mar 2014

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The MULTI_FRAME_VIEWRGB is a convenient function that creates figure shadows for multiple frames. MULTI_FRAME_VIEWRGB is based on the previous MULTI_FRAME_VIEW function. This function handles both color and grayscale images, however grayscale images are downsampled to 8-bit integers. Consider using the original MULTI_FRAME_VIEW for grayscale images. The function help is included below:

function MULTI_FRAME_VIEWRGB(files,we,be,ne,ie,gr)

MULTI_FRAME_VIEWRGB creates figure shadows for multiple frames. Multiple shadow frames can also be created to allow the appearance of volume data for several 2D images.

Usage: MULTI_FRAME_VIEWRGB(files,we,be,ne,ie,gr)

Arguments: files - struct array of file names [output from dir function]
we - white border size [default=2]
be - black border size [default=5]
ne - number of borders [default=3]
ie - image border size (beyond frames) [default=20]
gr - grayness of borders (0=black, 1=white, 0.5=gray) [default=0]

Returns: none (a figure is displayed)

Example: MULTI_FRAME_VIEWRGB(dir('*.tif'),2,5,3,20,0)

Note: 6 inputs are required and current directory must contain image files (default is tif images)

2014/02/28: written by Luke Xie
2014/03/05: New file to handle RGB and grayscale images together. This function forces all images to a uint8 bit precision. Consider using original multi_frame_view for grayscale images.
2014/03/13: Example images courtesy of Mu He and Bastiaan Driehuys at the Duke Center for In Vivo Microscopy

keywords: shadow box, figure shadow, multiple frames, multi frame view, volume data appearance, 2D/3D/N-D, tif/png/jpg, RGB, color

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Luke Xie (2021). Color multi-frame view (RGB figure shadows) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: Multi-frame view (figure shadows)

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