Matrix exponential

Matrix exponential algorithm with improved numerical precision
Aktualisiert 19. Mär 2014

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In the classical scale-and-square exponential algorithm, numeric precision is degraded by large diagonal terms in matrices that are nearly equal to the identity matrix. This variant algorithm separates out the identity matrix terms, preserving high precision with arbitrarily small scaling factors.
[Requires polyvalm_, File ID: #45786.]

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Kenneth Johnson (2024). Matrix exponential (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Erstellt mit R2013a
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Updated test cases to use MATLAB R2014A. (Previous version used R2013A.)

Spelling error in comments.

Corrected output specification in comment header.

Replaced two corrupted comment lines.

Noted requirement for polyvalm_ in Description.

No change - just trying to fix a problem in File Exchange UI.

- Added minusI optional input.
- Revised p polynomial definition to include leading I term.
- Use polyvalm_ to do the polynomial evaluation.
- Use more robust method for setting m and s.
- Modified test cases in comment header.

Added acknowledgment of Federal support and disclaimer.

Added reference to another good test case in program comments.