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Measure and transfer IQ data from an Agilent v2820a RF Vector Signal Analyzer to MATLAB(R)

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MATLAB(R) example to make an IQ measurement on an Agilent v2820a and transfer the data to MATLAB(R)


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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MATLAB(R) is a software environment and programming language with over 1 million users and is used to generate arbitrary and standard waveforms, configure and control instruments, build automated test applications, and analyze and visualize data from other instruments. MATLAB only supports instrument communication through Instrument Control Toolbox(TM) software.
This example uses MATLAB to connect and configure an Agilent v2820a for IQ measurement. The measured IQ data is then transferred to MATLAB.

To execute this example, type ‘IQDataTransfer_Agv2820a’ in the MATLAB command window. [Note: Change the IP address in the IQDataTransfer_Agv2820a.m file to the IP address of the signal analyzer.]

To learn more about using MATLAB(R) and Instrument Control Toolbox™ software for configuring and controlling instruments, visit:

To request a trial of MATLAB(R) and/or Instrument Control Toolbox(TM) software, visit

For additional information on using MATLAB with Agilent instruments, including MATLAB examples, demos, drivers, and videos, visit:

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