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rtc: a pedestrian real-time clock figure

version (4.31 KB) by us
creates a versatilely configurable real-time clock in a figure


Updated 03 Feb 2006

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- creates a real-time clock (using a timer object), which runs smoothly in the background while the user continues with her daily ML chores.
- all aspecects of the display (geometry) are user-definable.
- the clock can be stopped and restarted (toggled)

help rtc
RTC a pedestrian Real-Time Clock
- start
[par] = rtc
- start with previously saved geometry
[par] = rtc('i',par);
- stop
[par] = rtc % toggle
rtc s % delete clock
- display/retrieve current geometry parameters
rtc d
- update geometry
[par] = rtc('u',par);
- show parameter description
rtc h
- save current geometry in mat-file <fn> var <v>
[par] = rtc('S',fn);
- reload geometry from mat-file <fn> var <v>
[par] = rtc('L',fn);

rtc; % start real-time clock
par=rtc('d'); % get current geometry
par.F.w=[[300 300]... % change figure position
[400 400]];
par.F.col=[.5 .75 .75]; % change figure bg color
par.H.mark='diamond'; % change HR marker
par.H.fcol=[1 1 0]; % change HR color
par.M.fcol=[.4 .5 .75]; % change MIN color
par.M.size=3; % change MIN size
rtc('u',par); % apply
pause(5); % run
rtc; % stop
pause(5); % wait
rtc; % cont

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us (2021). rtc: a pedestrian real-time clock figure (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (9)

Dimuthu Senanayaka


kiko kiko

really great !!!

Lisy Yera

Esta especial

almohanad makki

Nick Cheilakos

Nice work

hu jin

helpful. effective.I am using it display the Positon read from the daq card! Thanks.

Zahid Ullah Khan

Its great :-)

Brett Shoelson

Very nice applet, very pretty code! Nice work, Urs.

Maurice Hendrix


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Created with R13
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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